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Joy & Joe Benevolence Allure Wrap size 4


Rucksack with a ‘newborn’:

Poppins Hip Carry:

Fee: £ 15.00 for 28 days

Location: Whitstable
Condition: A - As new
Brand: Joy & Joe
Code: EKS0538

Carry your bundle of Joy with our beautiful benevolence allure woven wrap and ring sling

100% cotton and easy care (Just get it into the mud and straight into your washing machine. Easy peasy!)
Ready to wear out of the box
Steam finished. If you want your wrap to be softer, start with steam ironing, washing to kickstart breaking in
100% pull free due to its tighter sateen weave similar to our SMP noir weave
100% adorable design (everyone loves hearts and love right?)
Differential rails to make it easier for people new to babywearing​​​​
Sturdy and suitable for carrying babies and toddlers
Mid weight so not too thick and not too thin (simply in-between)
Generous width of 70 cm

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