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Jellystitch Onbuhimo


Back carry:

Back carry for daredevils ;) :

Fee: £ 15.00 for 28 days

Location: Whitstable Sling Meet
Condition: A - As new
Brand: Jellystitch
Code: EKS0085

Onbuhimos are the traditional Japanese back carrier, which have metal rings or fabric loops at the waistband for the long straps to be threaded through. Western versions of these have webbing and buckles. They are designed to work especially well for back carries. “Onbu” means to carry on the back, and “himo” means a rope or string; the rope is tied securely around the child’s legs to keep him seated safely. There is no waistband as the carrier is meant to be worn high. This can be useful if your child wants to see the world, or if are pregnant and carrying your toddler! Jellystitch are made in the UK.

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