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Beco Toddler Twilight


Beco Toddler Front Carry:

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Fee: £ 15.00 for 28 days

Location: Folkestone/Hawkinge Sling Meet
Condition: A - As new
Brand: Beco
Code: EKS0077

The Beco Toddler is a super generous buckle carrier specifically designed to carry large toddlers and pre-school children, aged 18-24 months plus. The carrier has PFAs (Perfect Fit Adjusters) to ensure a snug fit, a 18" x 19.5" body to provide support for even the sleepiest toddler and also a built-in pocket on the waist belt for all your personal essentials such as purse, wallet or phone.

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Folkestone/Hawkinge Sling Meet