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Keppeke Bollekes Bordeaux size 6


Front Wrap Cross Carry:

Front Carry with a newborn:

Double Hammock - Back Carry:

Ruck - Back Carry:

Back Wrap Cross Carry:

Fee: £ 15.00 for 28 days

Location: Ashford - Dobbie's
Condition: A - As new
Brand: Keppeke
Code: HMC042

Woven wraps have been part of normal family life for countless generations all around the world.

Modern woven wraps are long parallelograms of fabric that have been woven on a large loom. The loom is pre-loaded with threads that run vertically up and down (the warp) and then another set of threads (the weft), which are woven horizontally in and out of the warp threads to create patterns.

Many are still handwoven, by small communities around the world that have been using these skills for centuries. The Western market is waking up to the value of supporting such fair trade and sustainable businesses that lift people out of poverty. Some small artisan businesses make handwoven wraps one by one, it can be a very slow process!

The majority of wraps sold in the West are machine woven. Special techniques are used to ensure the wrap has a great deal of strength and durability, making them different from other woven cloths such as tablecloths or clothes. Some are pre-treated to make them super soft from firs

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